Emily Halpern

You’ve got something to say.

I’ll help you shout it from the rooftops.


What is ineffective communication costing you?

  • the followers you want to have

  • the recognition you deserve

  • the opportunities that really excite you

  • the clients you’d really love to work with

  • the interviews you’ve been trying to land

  • the satisfaction of being truly seen


Just imagine what you could achieve if you expressed yourself clearly and shared your work with pride…


Maybe you’d like to:

  • Finally launch that new product you’ve been working on.

  • Stand out as an authority in your field.

  • Have a website that makes browsers buy what you’re offering.

  • Have a waitlist of clients waiting patiently to work with you.

  • Give speeches and presentations that people won’t stop talking about.

  • Craft pitches that make investors open their wallets.

  • Ace that big interview and land that dream opportunity.

  • Have others believe in your ideas (even the big, shoot-for-the moon kind).

  • Comfortably schmooze and collaborate with leaders in your industry.

  • Get press coverage of your work.

  • Be the most confident person in the room (while still feeling genuine).

  • Get recognized and rewarded for being your weird, whacky, perfectly imperfect self.


Good thing you found me.

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So how can you get seen, heard, noticed, and remembered?


Start by being yourself.

You’ve got the market cornered.

You’ve already got exactly what it takes to make genuine connections at work as well as in life with big, compelling ideas, in engaging speeches and toasts, in confident interviews, meetings, and networking events, with persuasive pitches, websites, and marketing copy….

You just need a little guidance and support.

My specialty is helping you create content and coaching you to deliver it so you can make meaningful connections, leave lasting impressions, and show up powerfully and comfortably in all areas of your business.


Find your voice, package your expertise, and communicate your ideas with clarity, confidence, and conviction.

Here’s how:


With big ideas:

Develop and streamline your ideas so that they are cohesive, clear, compelling, and memorable.

  • organize, develop, and streamline your ideas for a project, business, or event.

  • establish a mission statement for your work or business.

  • refine your brand message, positioning, and storytelling.

  • learn to articulate exactly what you do and tell your story with confidence.

  • develop content and communication strategies that help you grow your business and move your project forward.


In writing:

Create compelling content that forges genuine connections with your target audience.

  • tell moving, memorable stories.

  • create new content for persuasive presentations, pitches, etc.

  • craft an elevator pitch you're proud of.

  • create clear, compelling content (website copy/speeches/marketing copy) that resonates with your ideal clients.

  • establish a focused perspective for your presentation, so you (and your audience) don’t get distracted by extraneous details.


In person:

Polish performances, and deliver presentations with authority, personality, and pride.

  • build your confidence and presence.

  • build your presentation skills

  • use powerful, persuasive language.

  • inspire, inform, influence, engage, move, and motivate your audience.

  • overcome stage fright

  • connect meaningfully so your audience remembers you.

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 “I’m sure the confidence I gained from our sessions showed.”

Amy Sowder, testimonial shot.png

 “THANK YOU FOR YOUR HELP! I’ve been hustling, pitching more, and thinking outside the usual box. I’ve been getting a lot more work in the meantime, too. I’m sure the confidence I gained from our sessions showed…. You should know that your work is effective and changing my life for the better!”



 This approach isn’t for everybody.

If you’re just looking for simple tips and quick tweaks, I’m probably not your girl.

We’ll work well together if you…

  • WANT TO ACHIEVE A COMMUNICATION BREAKTHROUGH—one that will transform the way you show up in the world and the way you connect with others both professionally and personally— not just a stop gap solution.

  • UNDERSTAND WHAT’S AT STAKE FOR YOU—You’ve got big goals, and you know you’ll reach them if (and only if) you step up your communication game.

  • WANT TO WORK WITH SOMEONE WHO UNDERSTANDS, FIRST-HAND, WHAT YOU’RE STRUGGLING WITH whether it’s knowing how to present your work out in the world, clarifying your brand message, or overcoming the sheer terror of preparing to speak in front of an audience of hundreds of strangers.

  • AREN’T LOOKING FOR JUST A TECHNICIAN. You want to work with a warm, approachable human being who will listen intently to your concerns, offer real support, and actually really care about your success.

  • WANT TO WORK WITH SOMEONE WHO KNOWS HER STUFF— the techniques, skills, principles, and practices that can help you achieve noticeable, impactful results.

  • WANT TO WORK WITH SOMEONE WHO GETS YOU—someone who feels comfortable tossing around ideas about everything from music and food to history and psychology to marketing communications and entrepreneurship and who has had exposure to many cultures and multiple industries, as well as to entrepreneurship, academia, and non-profits.

  • YOU’RE READY TO WORK HARD, YOU WANT TO HIT THE GROUND RUNNING, YOU CAN HANDLE TOUGH LOVE, AND YOU’RE WILLING TO GET A LITTLE UNCOMFORTABLE because you understand that sometimes that’s what it takes to get the best results.

Sound good? Excellent.

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How does working with me work?

Sometimes all it takes to help you is a quick consulting call to look at your website or presentation and give some critical feedback. Sometimes you’ll want ongoing help collaborating on a bigger project or building skills and improving your overall confidence. In that case, I usually suggest regular 1:1 coaching calls. Sometimes, you’ll want me at your beck and call to brainstorm ideas, edit blog posts, tweak copy, prepare for regular speaking engagements— I offer monthly retainers for that. No matter what, we’ll come up with the right solution for your particular challenge.



Apply now to get started.

Apply now to get started. If I think we’d work well together, I’ll invite you to schedule an initial call. During the call, you tell me all about your goals and challenges. I’ll listen, and explain how I can help. There’s no fee, and no obligation to commit.


Create a Plan of Action.

If you do decide to work with me, we’ll come up with a customized package based on your unique needs to help you reach your goal.


Make Yourself Proud.

When we’re done, you’ll be ready to go shout about your work from the rooftops with new-found clarity and confidence.



Who are your clients?

I work with purpose-driven creatives doing meaningful work: chefs and caterers, nutritionists and health coaches, restaurateurs, writers, educators, activists, artists, musicians, and more. Most of my clients are independent service-providers, small startups, and solo-entrepreneurs who have recently gotten started and need some help streamlining their ideas, while some are seasoned business owners who feel unhappy, unfocused, or frustrated with their current content or messaging and are ready to refresh their approach. Others are individuals working on personal or professional projects.

What about all the other stuff I need to accompany my ideas, like logos, web design, slide decks, etc.? Aren’t those important too?

They are important, but the most beautiful design in the world won't get you very far if people can't understand the message that you’re trying to get across. The story you tell about your work and the words you use to connect with your target audience are (sorry web designers) more important.

What if I change things about my ideas/presentation/business, so that the work I do with you no longer applies?

Good news. Even if you do find you need to change something, you’ll be equipped with the resources, insights, and new tools you’ve acquired during our work. Plus, if you really get stuck, you’ll know where to find me.

Why are you the right person to work with?

Giving voice to the ideas and stories of others is the thread that has run through my career as a marketing manager, writer, performer, educator, and coach. This work is my superpower—according to the Clifton Strengths Finder, my top strengths are “communication” “strategy,” and "ideation.” I use these aptitudes day in and day out with clients. 

I’m your girl if you want to work with a fellow creative—someone who feels comfortable tossing around ideas from personal development and entrepreneurship, to music and food, to culture and history, and who has had exposure to several creative industries and entrepreneurship, as well as academia and not-for-profits. I’ve worked as a creative director and marketing manager for one of NYC's most beloved historic specialty food stores, spent years telling stories about immigrant life, heritage, and history at The Lower East Side Tenement Museum, and I trained as a Co-active coach at the Coaches Training Institute. I bring the breadth of my personal and professional experience to my work with you. Lastly, I'm a badass brainstormer, a problem solver, and a total nerd.

I bring my empathy and intuition, my love for people, and my commitment to a job well done to everything I do. Nothing is more important to me than your being satisfied with our work. I'll do everything in my power to make sure that you are.

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