Emily R. Halpern



I’m a pastry chef, public historian, and coach for fellow food-industry professionals.


I help people forge connection through food—

to themselves, to others, and to the world around them.

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My career in food has taken me from the kitchens of Chez Panisse and Ron Ben Israel Cakes to Europe’s traditional cheesemakers and historic bakeries, to specialty stores in NYC’s Little Italy and the coal-burning stoves of the Lower East Side Tenement Museum.

Whether coaching clients, rolling pie dough, or teaching culinary history, my interest in culture and my drive to enrich life with beauty, meaning, and genuine connection is at the core of my work.


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Let’s Work Together:

Cooking up a creative culinary career?


Career Hungry

Coaching and creative strategy to help you build a food-focused business.

Working on a project about food and culture?


The Repast Project

Recipes, writing, and services inspired by food, culture, and heritage.

Craving dessert for your small event or party?


A Sweet For All Seasons

Pastry-themed pop-ups, private baking classes, and custom-catering.

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Kind words from happy clients:

“THANK YOU FOR YOUR HELP! I just got a staff editor job offer! The salary is $10k more than I asked for, plus all the health-401k benefits! I’ve been trying to get something like this for 5+ years. I’m sure the confidence I gained from our sessions showed in the interviews. And I’ve been getting a lot more freelance work in the meantime too. Hustling, pitching more, and thinking outside the usual box. You should know that your work is effective and changing my life for the better!”

-Amy Sowder, Food and Fitness Writer/Editor

"After five seasons shooting TLC's Four Weddings, I have yet to taste a wedding cake that even approaches Emily Halpern's delicious chocolate masterpiece for our wedding." 

-Alan McIntyre Smith, Cinematographer

"Emily gets it! It’s always easier when the person you’re working with fully gets the vision and objective behind the project. She helped the team a lot with organizing our ideas. She asked really smart questions that made us think of answers and points of view that we hadn’t thought of before. Along with being creative, she has a very good business acumen which made her feedback even more valuable."

-Hisham El Bassiouni, Co Founder, Henak

"I am big fan of Emily’s work both at the Museum and beyond. She has that all-too-rare combination of creativity and dependability, and she is devoted to following her creative intuition in a manner that is inspirational to all." 

- Dr. Annie Polland, VP for Programs & Education, The Lower East Side Tenement Museum

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