Emily Halpern

Go pro with purpose, personality, and polish.


I’ll help you set up shop, get the word out, and get down to business.


Struggling to get your business out of your head and into the world?

  • You’re overwhelmed by too many ideas.

  • You struggle to explain what you do.

  • You avoid talking about your business.

  • You’re not connecting with the right people.

  • You’re attracting crickets, not clients.

  • Your web copy sounds nothing like you.

  • You don’t know how to set yourself apart.

  • You’re spinning yourself in circles.


You’re hardly the only one.


Making sense of what you have to offer and putting it all into words is no easy task— getting lost in a fog of confusion is almost inevitable.

And you’re seriously stuck.

It’s not that you don't have enough ideas.

In fact, maybe you’re overwhelmed by more ideas than you know what to do with.

It’s knowing how to choose between them, or how to pull out the common thread, and how to tie it all together that is enough to make your head spin. 

Good thing you’re here. That’s exactly what I do.

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messaging maven.

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I work with talented, ambitious, creative women who want to build purposeful, values-driven businesses, but are struggling to determine and explain (to themselves as well as to others) exactly what they do, how they do it, and for whom.

I’ll help you focus your fuzzy (but fantastic!) big ideas into compelling offers, clear messaging, and convincing copy, so you can set up shop, get the word out, and get down to business (finally).



Maybe you want to:

  • Proudly shout about what you do from the rooftops.

  • Have a business that aligns with your values and fits into your life.

  • Have a website you can’t wait to show off.

  • have a clear path forward with your work.

  • position yourself as an authority and stand out in your crowded industry. 

  • connect with ideal clients and do the work you're best at. 

  • have a simple framework that helps you make consistent decisions about your business in the future. 

  • highlight your strengths and leverage your experience to craft a purposeful business that blends your personality with your passions. 

  • feel calm, confident, and in control of your business. 

  • feel proud and credible (not like a fraud) when explaining what you do to clients and colleagues.

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What is it costing you to stay stuck on the starting block?

  • the income you’ll make with your new business.

  • the clients you’d really love to work with.

  • the freedom to quit your soul crushing job.

  • the energy you get from doing work that excites you.

  • the impact you could have on people that matter to you.

  • the fulfillment of finally doing work that taps your creative potential.

  • the momentum that comes from taking action toward your goals.

  • the rush that comes from chasing the dreams you’ve been putting off.

  • the confidence that comes from becoming the self-assured entrepreneur you know you can be.


Imagine what you could do if you had your business up and running in just 8 weeks.


Spotlight your strengths, share your story, and set the stage for success.

Here’s how:


Streamline your concept.

I’ll work with you step-by-step to clarify your goals, refine your ideas, and make sure your business concept leverages your strengths, skills, and experience, suits your lifestyle and personality, and feels achievable, sustainable, and exciting.


Clarify your message.

Next, we’ll refine your message and brand story, highlighting what really sets you apart from the crowd. We’ll make sure your packages and pricing are aligned with your ideal customers, and position your business to connect with your target audience.


Communicate your brand.

Then, we’ll build your basic website wireframe. We’ll plan, write, and edit your copy together, giving you the tools to DIY your copy in the future. Lastly, we’ll set you up with a sleek, simple, Squarespace site and teach you to maintain and manage it yourself.

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Apply Now to Get Started.

You tell me all about your goals and challenges. If I think we’ll work together well, I’ll invite you to schedule an initial call. On our call, I’ll listen and explain how I can help. There’s no fee, and no obligation to commit.


Get to work

If we decide to work together, I’ll send you a preliminary questionnaire, so that when our first session rolls around, we’ll get right to work.


Hit the ground running.

When we’re done, you’ll be ready to go shout about your work from the rooftops with new-found clarity and confidence.


“Having Emily's support and weekly accountability has been essential for me to get the ball rolling.”


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