Clients say...

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Enabled me to fully own and go after my larger than life dreams.
"I've been able to fully own and go after my seemingly ‘larger-than-life’ dreams, which is liberating and healing, to say the least. I felt connected to Emily straight away. She had so many interesting perspectives to share and always seemed to ask the right questions. I felt that she really understood and listened to me. She helped me to explore aspects of my dreams and desires that I had not yet fully allowed myself to explore. I would highly recommend Emily as a coach."
– Indira Jerez, The Innertia Project
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Things are so much clearer!...
"A lot of noise has been filtered out. I had been banging my head against a wall, and now things are so much clearer!"
-Kalindi Bakshi, Phirki
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Guided in all the right ways...
"Thank you again for being such a great listener and for guiding me in all the right ways."
-Matt Swanston, Gooey & Co.
Essential for me to get the ball rolling...
"What a difference working with Emily has made! I had hit a major wall and was feeling very stuck and unmotivated to move things along with my new business. Having Emily's support and weekly accountability has been essential for me to get the ball rolling. I leave every call with a renewed sense of purpose. She has become a trusted friend and invaluable resource."  
-Emily Gerger, The Cooking Habit
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Better able to explain my services...
“I came to Emily in a state of overwhelm about my business, knowing there WAS a way out, but not being able to see it! I was struggling to get out of my own head: to find clarity amidst all the conflicting advice I’d had around creating an 'umbrella' term for my business to fall under. Through her reflective approach, she guided me through a path of questions to help really uncover what was trapped behind the weeds, so to speak.
Emily was clear and practical, but also empathized with my issues and was able to balance the listening role with suggestions and reflecting back some of the things I’d said but not noticed. Once we discussed some of the key themes Emily pointed out to me, I felt much more able to re-work my copy and answer some of the other ‘businessy’ questions I’d been struggling with, such as what my ideal client really wanted.
Thanks to her mix of questions to get me thinking, her listening, and her giving me space to consider an answer, I now feel able to classify my role with a title, and I’m better to explain my services and why I’m qualified and passionate about offering them.”
-Katy-Rose Bye, Map Your Potential
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Organized our ideas...
"Emily gets it! It’s always easier when the person you’re working with fully gets the vision and objective behind the project. She helped the team a lot with organizing our ideas. She asked really smart questions that made us think of answers and points of view that we hadn’t thought of before. Along with being creative, she has a very good business acumen which made her feedback even more valuable."
-Hisham El Bassiouni, Co Founder, Henak
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I have a plan for my side-hustle, and no longer feel overwhelmed...
“When I started working with Emily, I was struggling with what to do next. I was unhappy with my job and my long commute, and I wasn’t sure if I could start a private practice. Working with Emily made me realize that, even though I haven’t thought of myself as an entrepreneur, I really can start my own thing, and I began fact-finding and planning for my side-hustle, which is something I had been putting off. Emily is able to break down what is holding a person back and guide them. She helped me reframe how I thought about things. Without being condescending, she was able to untangle what I was saying and feeling and get to the root of the issue that was holding me back. Now I have a plan for my side-hustle, and I no longer feel overwhelmed."
-Danielle Sobieski, Registered Dietitian.
I feel so much clearer about so many things...
"You are absolutely WONDERFUL at what you do. It's so awesome! You just work with what's already're like an idea extractor! I feel so much clearer about so many things, and I actually start a new job next Monday! Thank you so much!"
-Sabrina Jennings, Baker
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Helped me feel confident as an expert in my niche...
“Emily listened and empathized, never failing to remind me that many of my supposed shortcomings could be reframed as strengths, and that many of my strengths lay not just in my professional accolades but in my unique personality traits–traits that differentiate me from others in my field.
Emily provided me with thoughtful assignments that allowed me to come to a variety of realizations that I could not have reached without the journey she outlined for me, and that helped to build my confidence further. Emily continues to support my growth and confidence as an expert in my niche, and I consider her ongoing help and feedback invaluable. 
I highly recommend working with Emily, especially if you are a self-identified polymath who is looking to blaze a new trail and not follow a well-worn path; and if you want to work with someone who will not give you shortcuts, but instead provide you with opportunities to do your own meaningful homework in a way that will make your hard-won insights stick, long after your formal work together ends.”
-Ryan Rose Cherecwich, Educational Consultant
I'm much happier in my work now and feel truer to myself...
"When I started working with Emily, I was struggling to get moving, and my lack of forward motion was causing me a great deal of stress and anxiety. Coaching can be a tricky balance of reflection and action, but Emily has found that balance and is truly excellent at it. She asks the type of questions that allow you to figure out what you need on your own, and she is able to keep tabs on the things that are important to you. I feel that I have achieved so much in a very little time! I’ve been more creative in my everyday life, and I’m much happier in my work now. As cheesy as it may sound, I feel much truer to myself. I couldn’t be happier that I made this investment!
-Jennie Campbell, Actor/Producer
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I am way less worried, stressed out, and overwhelmed...
“Emily has a way of listening... not just hearing but really listening... and then distilling the information down in the most helpful and articulate way to really get to the heart of the matter. I would ramble on about something, and Emily was able to pull out the really important pieces so I could work through them and not get dragged down by all the other stuff. She asked me questions that got to the heart of the matter, rather than focusing on the surface nonsense that I thought was the problem, and I left our sessions knowing what action I needed to take in order to move toward my goals.  After working with her, I am way less worried, stressed out, and overwhelmed.”
-Christa Baird, Life Coach