My Business Roots

Work rooted in values:

If you’ve done a little bit of clicking around this website, you’ve already discovered my perspective on the importance of having roots grounding your business as it grows. So I’d like to share with you the roots that ground my own business.

These are the values I hold dear that inform the way I work with every one of my clients:

Authentic self-expression:

No one benefits from you trying to be or appear different from what you actually are. I am committed to helping you tell your story, whether in business or in life, in ways that align with your own sense of yourself, that feel genuine and comfortable, and that are grounded in the truth of who you are. 


I'm not a fan of "fake it till you make it," or asking you to present yourself in a way that feels in conflict with your values.  I help you tell your story in ways that don't feel sleazy or sales-y, that don't make use of trendygimmicks and manipulation, and that are rooted in providing real value to the people with whom you work.


Of course, storytelling is all about communication. And I value communication in our work together. I'm here for you, and I ALWAYS want to hear from you about what you need, how you like to work, what you might be concerned about, what you're satisfied with. 


Creativity and innovation is my jam. My work is nothing if not fundamentally rooted in the idea that there is usually more than one good way to do things, that possibility is all around us, and that, no matter how outlandish, your dreams and visions for your life and your work can be achieved.


I see business is a relationship and culture as a conversation, and I like to treat them both that way. Storytelling is fundamentally about making meaning out of our circumstances and connecting with others over universal experiences and emotions. 


Sharing your story in any context can be really scary. We are all afraid of failing, of looking silly, of being rejected, of being judged, of offending people, and of so many things! The only way to truly connect, however, is by showing up with courage and vulnerability, and, both in life and in business, that take courage!

If you’re having trouble determining what values inform the way you do business, I’ll help you do some digging. 

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