How Following Your Passion Can Get You Lost.

“Just follow your passion, and everything else will fall into place.”

It’s the mantra of coaches, entrepreneurship advocates, and self-help gurus everywhere. Taken on its own, it’s not bad advice. If you’re passionate about something, by all means, do it!

Just know this: when you’re following your passion in hopes of turning it into a business, you very well might end up lost.  

How can that be?

Passion is Not Enough.

When creating a business, passion is all fine and dandy, but relying on it to sustain you is a mistake. Creating a business based on passion is like creating a marriage based on passion…it may feel right at the beginning, but you need something deeper to keep you invested, committed, and fulfilled after the passion fades.

Or, if you think of your business as a beautiful flowering fruit tree, passion is the sunlight that shines upon it. Sun is essential to a tree’s growth, but it comes and goes, and the leaves that soak up its energy come and go as well.

What You Need In Addition:

What supports you, anchors you, and nourishes your development is below the surface: Your roots.

Your business roots are what keep you grounded, committed, invested, and fulfilled as your business grows and changes, little by little. They are the aspects of yourself and your business that support and enrich all the work you do.

The most important roots of your business are your unique strengths, values, purpose, and goals. The stronger and deeper your roots, the more supported your business will be as it grows.

So, you’ll hear me say it again and again. Passion alone will not get you where you want to go. Sometimes, passion isn’t even the place where you start (after all, seeds start life off underground).

And nourishing the seed of an idea so it can take root and grow takes time, patience, and, often, a little help.

That’s what I’m here for.

If you need some help clarifying what your strengths, values, purpose, and goals actually are, check out my brand roots service.

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