In the Story of Your Business, You're Not the Protagonist.

No man is an island, and no business is either. Not one that wants to survive, anyway.

While differentiating oneself from others in the market is one of the goals of a compelling brand, not being clear about how your business fits into a bigger story can lead you to making ineffective decisions, moving your business in the wrong direction, and failing to connect with the clients you most want to work with.

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How Following Your Passion Can Get You Lost.

It’s the mantra of coaches, entrepreneurship advocates, and self-help gurus everywhere. Taken on its own, it’s not bad advice. If you’re passionate about something, by all means, do it!

Just know this: when you’re following your passion in hopes of turning it into a business, you very well might end up lost.  

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The 4 Things Every Brand Needs In Order to Grow.

When starting a business, you’ll hear many people advise you to locate a problem in the market or an opportunity, and offer a service that addresses that need.

This is great advice.

AND, if that’s all you’re considering, you’re setting yourself up to be a copycat business.

Also, you need to take more information into account.

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How Building a Business is Like Planning a Meal.

There are two ways to shop for a meal:

  1. Decide what you plan to cook, and go to the store with a shopping list of the necessary ingredients.

  2. Go to the store (ideally the farmers’ market), and see what’s being sold that is fresh, beautiful, seasonal, local, calling out to be transformed into something delectable.

Guess which way I like better?

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