Emily Halpern

Clarify, claim, and communicate the stories that define you.

Founded by arts, culture, and food-industry veteran, Emily Halpern, Yours to Tell leverages the power of narrative and culture to help people and businesses forge powerful connections to themselves, others, and the world around them.



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Consulting for Business

I help food, culture, and lifestyle businesses and personality-led brands clarify their messages, create content, and communicate their stories strategically to connect with their audiences.

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Courses for Individuals

Courses and workshops that use food, culture, and heritage to tell stories, facilitate self-discovery, encourage self-expression, and foster connection and creativity.

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Creative Projects

Various creative endeavors that use food, music, and culture as tools to explore and tell stories that connect us to ourselves, others, and the world around us.

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I’m Emily Halpern.

I believe that your story is the source of your greatest strength.


Understanding and owning your story empowers you to see yourself clearly, connect with others authentically and empathically, and make confident, conscious choices in your business and your life.

Helping to give voice to the ideas and stories of others is the thread that has run through my work in food, media, and marketing communications for over 15 years.

I created Yours to Tell to help you tell your story and use it as a tool to transform the way you perceive yourself, live your life, and grow your business.

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