Emily Halpern
Emily Halpern
Brand Strategy & Web Copy for Food-Focused Entrepreneurs

Cook up a craveworthy brand.

Building a brand is a lot like cooking. If you’re not sure what you’re trying to make, you probably won’t be happy with the result.


Most branding consultants/messaging coaches/copywriters are one-trick ponies.


That means that first you hire a business coach to help you clarify your business model ($3000), then you hire a branding consultant to help you nail down your messaging ($3000), then you hire a copywriter to put it all into words ($5000).

I’m guessing you don’t have more than $10,000 to get your business up and running, but that doesn’t mean you’re not committed, hardworking, and amazing at what you do.

Plus, you have high standards.

The way you show up in your business should reflect that from the get go.


And without a good foundation, you’re stuck on the starting block.

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Working with me is different.


I’ve been exactly where you are—excited, overwhelmed, full of passion and hope, and without a lot of money to invest on the front end of my business.

That’s why when I started out on a shoestring budget, I taught myself how to wear all the hats. It took me years to learn all the skills, but I got really good at them, and I fell in love with solving the puzzles that keep so many of us stuck at the beginning of our entrepreneurial journeys.

I created this service to get my clients past those early roadblocks and to put them on the fast-track to launching a business with a persuasive message, compelling copy, and a strategic path forward for less hassle and less money than it takes to hire each contractor separately.

Not only does this service make expert help more accessible, it gives you better results: Working with just one person from the beginning streamlines the process and gets you going faster. It allows me to get to know you and your work inside and out, and it allows us to toggle back and forth during our collaboration, adjusting ideas, copy, and offers as the process of developing your business unfolds naturally (read, not in a straight line). I compiled all of the info you really need right out of the gate, and I left out all of the noise that will just slow you down.

And, unlike the big, self-guided business-launch programs you may have heard about (or even already taken) with thousands of students, this program doesn’t just take you half the way there. Not only do I provide the knowledge and tools you need to get super clear and confident about your brand, but I offer the full-time support, feedback, and accountability (which, as far as I’m concerned, is even more important) which guarantees you won’t get lost in the weeds.

You’ll go from foggy freelancer to confident CEO with everything you need to hit the ground running, and all the tools you need to thrive as your business grows and changes over time.


Who this is for:

Caterers, Personal Chefs, Cooking Instructors, Health Coaches, Consultants, Healers & Helpers, Nurturers & Nourishers, Educators & Influencers…


If you use your skills, knowledge, and expertise to offer valuable services and create amazing experiences for your clients, I can help you get to work and get the word out in 8 short weeks.

  • You must be committed, dedicated, and hard-working.

  • You must have the time to devote to the exercises and calls that are required for you to complete the program.

  • You must be ready to stop stalling and dabbling, and go all-in doing work that really matters to you.

If that sounds like you, click the link to get started.———->

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How does this work?

6 steps take you from confused to cooking with gas:




Getting started

Discover your top strengths and determine the factors that affect your level of satisfaction as an entrepreneur and business owner. Understand what factors enable you to be at your best and brainstorm rewarding ways to put your passion to work to highlight your genius.



Decide on your WHO

Simon Sinek says to “start with WHY”, but, when you’re building a business all by yourself, you need to know about your clients in order to know where to find them—and in order for them to find you. You’ll get super clear about your target market—a strong brand depends on it.



Discover your WHY

Learn why you’re building the business you’re building, what matters to you, what drives you, what is most rewarding, and what impact you want to make through your work. People like to buy from brands they trust that stand for things they care about.



Determine your WHAT

Using your new knowledge of your WHO and WHY, you’ll nail down your WHAT: exactly what services you offer, what results can you provide, and what you contribute that only you can bring to the table.



Understand your HOW

How will you deliver your services to make them stand out? Are they high-ticket and custom? Focused on convenience? How do they compare to similar services? How will your customers interact with you and your business to guarantee they have the experience you want to provide?



All the finishing touches.

Last but not least, you’ll tell the story of your business online. We’ll work together to build your basic website wireframe. We’ll plan, write, and edit your copy together, and send you off with templates and tools you’ll need to make any tweaks and changes in the future.


What You Get: Your Master Brand Recipe

You’ll walk away with a complete summary of the key ingredients of your brand. These are the building blocks of your business.

As time goes by, you’ll tweak and add and layer, but the foundations will remain the same.

The Master Brand Recipe is the gift that keeps on giving.

You'll have a narrative that serves as the anchor that will keep your business grounded, the compass that keeps you on course, and the framework that informs the choices you make today and the goals you set for tomorrow. 

Just like any good recipe, you (and anyone you hire) will have it to refer to it over and over again—when you offer new services, write new content, design a website, etc.

And, should you ever need them, you’ll also get access to my follow-up services down the line:

  • sales and pitch decks

  • speeches and presentations

  • copywriting

  • content strategy

  • ongoing coaching

  • brainstorming sessions


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How do we meet?

The program consists of two 90 minute sessions and two 30 minute sessions that take place over the course of 8 weeks, and one bonus 60 minute session that you can use any time within a year of our fourth session.

  1. The moment you book your sessions, you’ll get a welcome workbook full of questions and quizzes to get you started reflecting about your business before we meet for the first time.

  2. In our first two sessions we’ll cover steps 1-5 to get super clear on your brand story so we can get to work on your web-copy.

  3. In our next session, we’ll create a website wireframe together, I’ll teach you what separates good copy from great copy, and I’ll send you away with questions, tips, and templates for your home, services, about, and short sales pages. You’ll get to work writing up drafts that we’ll tweak and polish together. As you write, you’ll have access to me via email to ask any questions you need.

  4. You’ll send the drafts to me as you finish them, and I’ll get to editing and tweaking to make the copy really pop and correct any errors.

  5. In our last session, we’ll address any questions you might have, make any necessary revisions, and polish up your final draft together, making any changes necessary for you to be ready to publish your words and get down to business.

  6. I like to get to know you, help you, and then continue to support you over the long haul. You’ll have one bonus session to cash in on any time within a year of our final session, during which we can chat about any roadblocks or difficulties you might have encountered, tweak a section of your site, refine your brand, or consult on anything else that will help you move forward with your business.




You need more than passion. You need a plan.

Working with me, you’ll get everything you need to launch the business you’ve been craving—from soup to nuts:



Apply now to get started.

Apply now to get started. If I think we’d work well together, I’ll invite you to schedule an initial call. During the call, you tell me all about your goals and challenges. I’ll listen, and explain how I can help. There’s no fee, and no obligation to commit.


Create a Plan of Action.

If you do decide to work with me, we’ll come up with a customized package based on your unique needs to help you reach your goal.


Make Yourself Proud.

When we’re done, you’ll be ready to go shout about your work from the rooftops with new-found clarity and confidence.

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Why is it important to get help?

Don't let following your passion leave you in the weeds. Entreneurship can take you down a bumpy road. When you're charting your own path, it helps to be in the driver's seat. Launching your business and crafting a brand with an understanding of who you are, what's really important to you, and where you shine are important aspects of getting off on the right foot. Integrating who you are with the work you do helps you gain the clarity, focus, and confidence you need to take the reins, map out a plan, and make informed, intentional choices as your business grows.

Can you tell me more about your clients?

I work with food-focused service providers, personality-led brands and small business: chefs, caterers, teachers, nutritionists, health coaches, and any other kind of culinary creative you can think of. My clients are usually in the early stages of starting a business or developing a business idea, and they need help finding direction and getting off the starting block. Some have been doing business for a few months or a few years, but they still need help finding focus and hitting their stride. Some still have 9-5 day jobs, others have been self-employed for some time and need help organizing their work under an umbrella that makes sense to themselves and to others. While most of my clients are small startups and solo-entrepreneurs, some are seasoned business owners who feel unhappy, unfocused, or frustrated with their current brand or business trajectory and want to make a pivot or undertake a rebrand.

Can’t I just do all of this on my own?

You could. Sort of. You can find a lot of the same advice and techniques from other coaches, from articles, from books, and self-guided courses. But something tells me that if you could have done it on your own, you would have done it already, no? This is tough stuff to do without an objective outside eye, and it's impossible to exaggerate the enormous value of getting constant encouragement and support. My strengths are making sense of stories and ideas that are hard to make sense of, boiling things down to their essentials, and identifying potential and possibilities that are hard for others to see. I combine my expertise in communications and coaching to provide personalized attention and help you understand yourself and your business on a level that you just can't achieve on your own. Promise.

I already bought xyz other program, course, or service, so why is this any different?

This program is about getting started with a strong foundation and a clear message right out of the gate. These are the essential basics, not fancy marketing tactics that won't be relevant anymore in a few months. But this work isn't just about getting the essentials down on paper and up online. It's about the kind of learning, reflection, and self-discovery that makes you a smarter, savvier, more confident solopreneur forever more. I designed this program to jumpstart your growth and kickstart your confidence. You’ll leave this program with the kind of clarity and confidence as a business owner that I didn’t have until about 2 years in. As your guide, I'll give you my undivided attention and support and hold you accountable. I'll help you implement and integrate what you learn as you go, so you can't spin yourself in circles or procrastinate until you're "ready" (hint: you'll never feel completely ready).

I’m just starting out, and I’m not sure I should invest more money on my biz.

Oooh, I hear you. Starting a business is expensive. When you're not yet raking in the dough, it's hard to decide where and when to spend it. Without strong foundations in your business, you'll keep spinning your wheels. Ask yourself: How long have I been working on this/dreaming about this? How much is my time worth? How much is it costing me to stay stuck? Where would I like my business to be in just 8 weeks? Can I get there on my own? This is an investment in the future of your business that pays for itself lickety-split. Plus, unlike a lot of the other things you could spend your money on at this point (trendy marketing tactics, a fancy done-for-you copywriter, even a beautifully designed website), the value of what you learn with me won't expire over time. My clients routinely tell me that they are so happy to have made an investment in themselves and their futures.

What results can I expect?

As a result of working with me, my clients have:

  • Launched new businesses.

  • Launched new blogs and podcasts.

  • Signed their first/more clients.

  • Been featured in Real Simple, The New York Times, 100 Layer Cake, and many more.

  • Streamlined (or completely overhauled) their business models.

  • Created new services and stopped offering others.

  • Grown their audiences.

  • Increased their prices.

Through this work, you'll...

  • overcome the overwhelm.

  • narrow in on exactly what you do, how you do it, and for whom.

  • discover the ways your strengths, experiences, and skills come together to tell your story.

  • perfectly position yourself to connect with the clients you love to work with.

  • build a brand that plays to your strengths and leverages your potential.

  • learn how to present yourself to colleagues, clients, and fans so that you stand out from the crowd.

  • get the clarity that will help you set goals and go after them with a new sense of purpose.

  • have strong foundations that give you confidence, clarity, focus, and momentum.

  • get a clear message that informs every choice you make about your business from which goals to set, which services/products to offer, to what content to create, and what opportunities to say yes to.

What makes this different from done-for-you copywriting?

You know the saying, “Teach a man to fish…”. Well, “Teach an entrepreneur to brand/write…”

This program was created to be a support-system, an education, and the kick-in-the-pants and accountability you need to get going and get to work.

I've put a lot of thought into developing this service with the templates, tools, and knowledge you'll be able to use over and over. Not only will you have a stand-out brand and web-copy to get started with, but you'll be learning how to write branded copy for sales pages, emails, social media, blogs, etc. from here on in.

My goal is not only to get you started and help you clearly communicate what you do, but to equip you with the tools you'll need to run your business over the long haul. That way, you won't have to depend on consultants, content strategists, and copywriters to help you communicate in the future.

What about my web design and visual brand? Isn't that important too?

It is important, but the fanciest, most beautiful website in the world won't get you more clients if people can't understand what you do. The story you tell about your business and the words you use to connect with your target client are (sorry web designers) more important. As for your website, I recommend you get yourself up and running with Squarespace, which is a super-stylish, highly customizable platform that you’ll be able to change and upgrade in the future.

What if I change things about my business or brand and all the work I do with you no longer applies?

Good news. Even if you do find you need to change your brand, you'll be equipped to do so. You'll have the templates and cheatsheets we used together, so you can use them again and again throughout your life as a business-owner. Plus, if you really get stuck, you can cash in on your bonus editing session anytime within a year from our original work.

Although I don't believe in one-size-fits all business solutions, the basic concepts, guidelines, and strategies that we will use to get your business in ship-shape are easily applied at every step of your journey. Want to start serving a new customer base? Need to make a bit of a pivot, so you want to tweak your messaging? No worries. Just pull out your templates and revisit the fundamentals you learned through our work. Plus, if you really get stuck, you can cash in on your bonus 7th session anytime within a year from our original work.

How do I know if this service is really for me?

This is for you if you want:

  • to highlight your strengths and leverage your experience to create a compelling brand that communicates exactly who you are, what you do, and for whom.

  • to position yourself as an authority.

  • to set yourself up with a a master brand recipe that will be a roadmap to help make consistent decisions about your business in the future.

  • One on one support.

This may not be for you if:

  • You're looking for a quick fix.

  • You're looking for a one-size-fits-all solution.

  • You want a completely done-for-you service that won’t set you up with knowledge or tools you already have.

  • You don't want your business to reflect who you are.


“Your guidance helped me organize my business goals and make them less intimidating...”

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"During our sessions, we were able to create a more focused voice and vision for my business. Your guidance helped me organize my business goals and make them less intimidating, and the copy you wrote is succinct, with just enough character and familiarity to sound warm and genuine. Thank you so much!"


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 “Emily helped me identify and clearly communicate the most important aspects of doing what I love.”

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"I hired Emily to help me draft the seemingly disparate parts of my personal and professional life into a cohesive narrative for my website. Emily is a very talented big picture thinker. She helped me identify and clearly communicate the most important components of doing what I love."





“Having Emily's support and accountability has been essential for me to get the ball rolling.”


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