Emily Halpern
Emily Halpern
Brand Strategy & Web Copy for Food-Focused Entrepreneurs

Bring Your Best to the Table.

Creative direction, brand strategy, and website copywriting to help you spotlight your strengths, shape and share your story, and stand out from the crowd.



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Are you a caterer, personal chef, dietitian, or food-focused creative ready to launch your business, but struggling to get your story straight?

  • You’re overwhelmed by too many ideas.

  • You struggle to explain what you do.

  • You don’t know how to set yourself apart.

  • You don’t like talking about your business.

  • You avoid marketing like the plague.

  • You’re attracting crickets, not clients.

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I’m Emily Halpern.



I work with personal chefs, dietitians, health coaches, caterers, cooking instructors, culinary creatives, and other food-focused service-providers who want to set themselves apart from the crowd with a memorable brand, and a clear, compelling message.

If you are struggling to determine and explain (to yourself and to others) exactly what you do, how you do it, and for whom, I will help you focus your fuzzy (but fantastic!) ideas into irresistible offers, powerful positioning, crystal clear messaging, and compelling web-copy. You’ll overcome overwhelm, connect with clients, level-up your brand, and grow your business with clarity and confidence (finally).

Leveraging 10+ years of experience in high-profile food settings like Chez Panisse, Food & Wine Magazine, and Saveur, an MA in food, culture, and marketing communications, plus training as a co-active coach, I’ll zero in on what you have to offer, help you get the word out, and support you every step of the way.

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I’ll help you set up shop, get the word out, and get down to business.


Dream It Up…


1. Streamline your concept.

I’ll work with you step-by-step to clarify your goals, refine your ideas, and make sure your business concept leverages your strengths, skills, and experience, suits your lifestyle and personality, and feels achievable, sustainable, and exciting.

Cook It Up…


2. Clarify your message.

Next, we’ll refine your message and brand story, highlighting what really sets you apart from the crowd. We’ll make sure your packages and pricing are aligned with your ideal customers, and we’ll position your business to connect with your target audience.

Serve It Up…


3. Communicate your brand.

Finally, we build your website wireframe. We’ll plan, write, and edit your copy together with templates and tools you’ll have forever. We’ll compile it all into your Master Brand Recipe, so you’ll always have your brand’s key ingredients at a glance.

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Maybe you want to:

  • Proudly shout about what you do from the rooftops.

  • Have a website you can’t wait to show off.

  • have a clear path forward with your work.

  • position yourself as an authority and stand out in your industry

  • connect with ideal clients and do the work you're best at. 

  • have a simple framework that steers all your strategy.

  • highlight your strengths and leverage your experience. 

  • feel calm, confident, and in control of your business. 

  • feel proud and persuasive when explaining what you do.



Apply Now to Get Started.

You tell me all about your goals and challenges. If I think we’ll work together well, I’ll invite you to schedule an initial call. On our call, I’ll listen and explain how I can help. There’s no fee, and no obligation to commit.


Get to work

If we decide to work together, I’ll send you a welcome workbook, so that when our first session rolls around, we’ll get right to work.


Hit the ground running.

When we’re done, you’ll be ready to go shout about your work from the rooftops with newfound clarity and confidence.

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What is it costing you to stay stuck on the starting block?

  • the income you’ll make with your new business.

  • the clients you’d really love to work with.

  • the freedom to quit your soul-crushing job.

  • the energy you get from doing work that excites you.

  • the impact you could have on people that matter to you.

  • the fulfillment of finally doing work that taps your creative potential.

  • the momentum that comes from taking action toward your goals.

  • the rush that comes from chasing the dreams you’ve been putting off.

  • the confidence that comes from becoming the self-assured entrepreneur you know you can be.


What if you could be up and running and cooking with gas in just 8 weeks?


“We're so thankful for Emily's services.”


“Knowing you want to work in food can be both a blessing and a curse. While there is now ample opportunity that extends far beyond the kitchen, there is also no set path to follow, which can make the prospect really daunting….It's important to have shepherds that guide us. We're so thankful for Emily's services in helping folks navigate this growing landscape."


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